Selection of aluminium and fibreglass ladders in a wide range of heights suitable for any use. All of our ladders are lightweight, portable, and constructed to the highest standards, giving you years of service and Safety.



Combination ladders

Youngman’s range of combination ladders provide a flexible solution on the worksite. Hinged joints allow these ladders to be set up in multiple ways to tackle any problem, while allowing them to be folded down for transport and storage.

Extension Ladders

Perfect for situations where the ladder needs to be transported or stored, Youngman’s range of extension ladders mix safety with portability. Folding down into a compact package, these ladders have all of the stability of a traditional aluminium or steel ladder.

Loft Ladder

Youngman Loft ladders are perfect for fixed applications where you need to access above roof areas on a regular basis. When not in use, they fold away into the ceiling, keeping the floor area clear, but when needed, it quickly deploys, providing a safe, stable…

Platform ladders

Platform ladders provide additional safety for longer jobs where a conventional ladder doesn’t provide sufficient space or would be tiring compared to using a platform. These range from the Megastep - a heavy duty fibreglass podium ladder built for industrial applications to our aluminium step…

Step Ladders For Home

Youngman’s range of ladders is perfect for home use: whether it’s DIY or accessing those hard-to-reach cupboards in the kitchen. We provide a range of fibreglass and aluminium stepladders for home use that are lightweight, portable and foldable, meaning they’re easy to use and store.…

Step Ladders For Industry

Youngman is India’s trusted name for working at height in construction or industry. With European-quality products and Indian-specific expertise, we can provide the perfect work at height solution for any project.


Youngman’s wide range of stepstools are perfect for any application, whether in the home, office or building site. Stepstools are the perfect tool for these jobs thanks to their folding design, making them highly portable without compromising on safety - it can simply be stored…

Telescopic Ladder

Youngman’s range of aluminium telescopic ladders are the perfect solution for situations where the ladder has to be regularly moved or stored. Collapsing down into a compact package, they can be carried in car boots yet extend to 3.2m, making them perfect for engineers or…


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