Telescopic Tower

This revolutionary telescopic aluminium scaffolding tower allows 5 adjustable platform heights between 1 and 2 meters in a single, compact package. Folding down into a small, 55Kg trolley, it can be easily moved by a single person and can be transported in a small van or even a large car. Despite this incredible portability, the tower allows workers to reach a safe working height of up to 4 meters, competi


The tower can be constructed in under three minutes by a single person, giving incredible flexibility to single workers. Plus, with just two parts – the tower and platform – there is less risk of losing components when moving between work sites, meaning this is the perfect solution for tradesmen on the move.


Despite its small size and low weight, the aluminium telescopic tower has all of the safety features you would expect from a Youngman product. With an internal trapdoor for safe climbing and automatic stabiliser bars, it ensures safety while in use, reducing the risk of injury while working at height.


  • TRANSPORTABLE: Folds down into a full transportable trolley which fits into a small van or large car when packed.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Weighing just 55Kg, this tower can be moved and assembled by a single person.
  • SAFE: With Industry-leading safety features such as automatic stabilisers
  • QUICK: This tower can be assembled by a single person in just three minutes.


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