Minimax scaffolding

Youngman Minimax is a compact, lightweight and portable aluminium scaffolding tower solution. Designed for use by one or two people, a single worker can easily set up, use, move, and take down the Minimax system without assistance.


It is designed to be mobile on the work site: its compact design means that it can fit through doors and down corridors without needing to be taken apart. Locking castors allow for single person movement and for secure locking when in use. In fact, the tower is so compact that it can be transported in the back of a family car.


With a safe working height of up to 7.8m using optional stabilisers and a maximum safe platform weight of 200Kg, the Minimax aluminium tower is perfect for most construction and industrial jobs, while 3T assembly method ensures safety during assembly as well as use.


  • Snap click fittings: Designed for ease of assembly
  • Adjustable platform height: Place the platforms where they’re needed for any job
  • compact design: first through doorways and down corridors without the need for disassembly.
  • Locking castors: swivel castors allow for the tower to easily be moved around the worksite by a single labourer.


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