BoSS Zone1

Based on the award winning BoSS aluminium tower, Zone 1 is the world’s leading industrial fibreglass access tower. Designed for situations where aluminium or steel scaffolding is unsuitable, this tower is non-conductive and non-sparking, making it perfect for areas with a risk of electrocution or fire.

The non-corroding fibreglass is comfortable to handle in all climates – it doesn’t get extremely hot or extremely cold – but is as strong as aluminium or steel.

Available in 2 slip-resistant platform lengths (1.8 & 2.5m) and in either single (850mm) or double (1450mm) widths, the Zone 1 scaffolding tower can provide large working platforms, making it safer and easier for labourers to carry out work at height. Furthermore, with a maximum platform safe working load of 225Kg, the tower is strong enough to hold any necessary tools and equipment safely and securely.

Built in ladders with ribbed rungs ensure good grip, even in poor conditions. The Zone 1 has all of the safety features you would expect from a Youngman access tower: through the trapdoor construction, locking claws for security, and slip-resistant rungs and platforms.

  • Non-conductive: Built from fiberglass, this scaffolding tower is shockproof and non-sparking.
  • Adaptable: Available in two widths and lengths to suit any application.
  • Safe: Using Youngman’s tower technologies such as 3T construction and self-cleaning adjustable legs, this tower is safe and reliable.
  • Weather-proof: Fiberglass won’t get excessively hot or cold like aluminium or steel scaffolding towers.


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