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As India’s leading aluminium scaffolding tower manufacturer, you know Youngman is a name you can rely on. Our range of towers runs from highly-customisable BoSS used on construction sites across the world, to Minimax and Quicky, designed to be compact, lightweight and easy to transport without compromising on safety or reliability. Whether you need a builders tower for DIY or a full scaffolding solution for a large scale construction, Youngman can help.


BoSS stands at the top of Youngman’s aluminium scaffolding tower range. It is respected around the world for its combination of strength, reliability and safety and is used in major construction projects in Europe, the USA and India.

It is extremely versatile – suiting any construction or industrial application – thanks to a variety of frame options that allow it to be set up with staircases, bridges and more. This allows it to be used in any location, no matter how complex the work site.

It is designed to be quick and easy to construct and can be built by labourers with minimal training. Designed to be easy to set up and safe to use – reducing the risk of injury at all stages of use. With leading safety features such as camlocks, stabilisers and staircases, it is one of the safest aluminium scaffolding towers on the market.


BoSS aluminium scaffolding towers are the best choice for heavy industrial use and for specific solutions where you may need to build towers on or around obstacles. They are the perfect solution for the most complex scaffolding needs – our team of scaffolding and safety experts can work with you to find the perfect solution, whatever the problem.

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  • Ladderspan
  • Stairmax


All Youngman products are built to the highest safety standards – and the BoSS tower is no different. Designed to be simple to set up with minimal training, easy to climb and stable to use, ensure that your workers get the safety that they deserve. Youngman BoSS towers feature market-leading safety features such as cam lock AGR – the most secure way to assemble an aluminium scaffolding tower.


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