Pink 2 step stool

This stylish 2 tread aluminium step ladder is perfect for home use – helping you get to out of reach places around the house, such as lightbulb fittings and tall cupboards. Its folding design means that it is extremely portable and it folds flat for easy storage in your home, yet its sturdy, functional design means that you can be sure of its safety.

With a short handrail, this super compact option is perfect for stowing away in even the smallest of apartments.

  • Safe: Built from high quality aluminium, this ladder is strong and sturdy. It has a wide platform and a tall knee guard to prevent falls, slip-resistant rubber feet, and a wide base for stability.
  • Portable: Portable and lightweight, this ladder can easily be moved around the house or carried in a vehicle.
  • Compact: Short handrail and a folding design make it easy to store arounf the home
  • Colourful: Perfect for anyone who takes pride in their home: pick the perfect colour to match your decorations.


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